The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting, sponsored by Chattanooga Gas, celebrated the community’s achievements from the past fiscal year. Charles Wood, President and CEO of the Chattanooga Chamber, kicked off the event by acknowledging the dedication of volunteers, stakeholders, community partners, board members, and elected officials. He highlighted the Chamber’s commitment to championing member businesses and promoting regional economic growth, showcasing impressive figures such as creating 1,355 jobs and over $320 million in capital investment in collaboration with Greater Chattanooga Economic Partners. Notable successes included iFixit’s downtown redevelopment, S-K Food Group’s new facility, and the contributions of existing businesses like Steward Advanced Materials, Textile Printing & Packaging, and Kordsa.  

The INCubator experienced substantial growth in successful startups, and the Chamber celebrated entrepreneurs like Hoff & Pepper and Cocoa Asante. Programs supporting minority-owned businesses, leadership development, and talent development, aligning with the Chamber’s long-term economic development plans, experienced continued growth in the post-COVID era. The event concluded with a resounding recognition of the outstanding volunteers who contribute to the vibrant Chattanooga community. 

The annual meeting underscored the Chamber’s dedication to fostering economic growth and inclusivity in the region. It highlighted the impressive achievements and collaborations that occurred over the past fiscal year, emphasizing the role of entrepreneurship, job creation, and community engagement. As the Chamber looks to the future, it remains committed to building on this momentum to ensure prosperity for all community members and businesses. The event served as a testament to the strong partnerships, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors that continue to drive Chattanooga’s economic growth and development.  

You can watch the full event below.