Alumni Association

Are you one of the more than 556 startup companies that have graduated the INCubator’s entrepreneur support program? If so, we would love to hear from you as we build our Alumni Association. Let’s reconnect and discover ways we can support Chattanooga’s small business and entrepreneurial community together.


“I joined the INCubator in early 2013, shortly after launching my own company, HR Business Solutions. Knowing I had a permanent location and stable rent for three years gave me freedom to spend my energies on business growth, rather than having “what if’s” to be concerned about. Kathryn Foster Menchetti has been particularly encouraging in understanding my needs as a new business owner. I really appreciate the support and cooperation here at the INCubator.

— Lynn Talbot, Founder & CEO
HR Business Solutions
INCubator Class of 2016

“The INCubator has been critical to my success – I don’t think I ever could have envisioned the possibility of growing my company to where it is today if I had not participated in the INCubator program. Having the network of support in the INCubator with other business start-ups and the ongoing encouragement of the INCubator staff and business counselors have made all the difference for me during my start-up phase.

As I prepare to move into The Edney Innovation Center and further expand my staffing and client base, I feel like I am on solid footing and can continue to grow and sustain my company for years to come.”

— Jennifer Hoff, Founder & President
Skye Strategies
INCubator Class of 2016