About the Chamber

Our Mission

Champion our member businesses and promote regional economic growth.

Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

  • The business association delivers member services to dues-paying member-investors
  • Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Board
  • 501(c)6 Organization
  • Chartered in 1887
  • Membership dues, events, sponsorships, and program fees provide funding

Chattanooga Chamber Foundation

  • A non-profit foundation that delivers economic, community, and leadership development services to all eligible businesses
  • Governed by the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation Board
  • 501(c)3 organization
  • Chartered in 1969
  • Funded through a public-private partnership called “Chattanooga CAN DO: Building Tomorrow Today” with 60% private funding to 40% public funding

Your Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Our area’s leading business association, the Chattanooga Chamber, was founded in 1887. Your Chamber was one of the first 40 chambers founded in the United States. In 1969, business and community leaders founded the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation to lead area economic development through a public-private partnership. Named 2017’s Chamber of the Year, the Chattanooga Chamber has won many national awards for recruitment, marketing, and existing industry support —  and is accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with five stars for operational excellence. 

How does the Chamber provide value for members and the greater community?

Our members and leaders lead the way in promoting positive business relations, identifying potential obstacles to growth, and working together to solve those with creative, innovative ideas that work.

Looking for smart ways to expand your business and connect with our community?

Start by stepping out of the front door of your business. Nothing beats the face-to-face interaction with neighbors, citizens and regional business owners. Your Chattanooga Chamber boasts 12 area Councils, each centered on cultivating community footprints and organized by hundreds of business volunteers. One of our councils, the International Business Council, covers the world.

“Being on the IBC board for several years has given me the chance to meet the most awesome people in Chattanooga, many of whom I now call friends. Chattanooga’s international business community has never been so vibrant and dynamic as it is today.”

-Anton Demenchuk Consultant, Cresco Group and Member, International Business Council

New to the greater Chattanooga area? Need networking ideas?

Try starting with the best Chattanooga area business event calendar ever.

When it comes to setting the stage for business connections, Chamber events offer consistently effective ways to meet face-to-face with real business people driving the future of Chattanooga and Hamilton County. Whether it’s an AM Networking meeting, a workshop at the INCubator on marketing, or the highly attended Annual Meeting, you’ll meet and greet some of the most committed business community members who care about Chattanooga’s direction.

Searching for meaningful community leadership opportunities in Chattanooga?

We know from experience that continuous on-the-job learning provides the best way to remain competitive and create long-lasting business relationships. Whatever stage of your career or business, you gain traction and expand your horizons through our wide offering of Chamber programs. 

In the early stages of your career?

Check out Young Professional Association of Chattanooga — YPC — an energetic, engaging and encouraging group of regional young professionals. 

Looking for deeper business relationships and a meaningful way to give back through community leadership?

Leadership Chattanooga an annual cohort of mentors and mentees – provides a sound foundation of networking, wisdom and relationships. 

Seeking ways to increase contracts and connections between businesses of differing sizes? Are you a DBE?

The Chamber’s Diversity & Equity Inclusion initiatives offer genuine, powerful and affirming community-building resources and experiences.

With programs that engage emerging leaders in leadership training coupled with work sessions that connect Chamber investors and larger employers with small businesses, the Chattanooga Chamber has a proven track record of helping business leaders exceed their marketing goals. 

You’ve come to the right place – your Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.