Economic Development

Three years ahead of plan, the Chattanooga Chamber surpassed its $1 billion capital investment goal as outlined in the five-year Chattanooga Climbs economic development strategic plan. Key projects included Steam Logistics’ planned investment in the Innovation District and West Star Aviation’s expansion at the Chattanooga Airport.

In collaboration with our partners, we supported the announcement of 685 jobs and more than $38 million in capital investment this fiscal year. Chattanooga’s existing businesses – including HomeServe, Hudson Materials and West Star Aviation – played a significant role in helping us reach this number.

Economic Development Team out in the field evaluating potential industrial park property.

Chattanooga Climbs Metrics To-Date

$1 Billion Capital Investment
$500 Million New Payroll
$55,000 Average Wage
20 Target Locations
5,000 Total Jobs
500 Acres of Greenfield & Brownfield Sites Evaluated
100 Prospect Visits

Target sector projects contributed 29% of capital investment and 83% of new direct jobs. Two non-target sector projects accounted for $27 million in capital investment and more than 100 jobs.

Chattanooga Climbs Project Announcements (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)

Company NameProduct/ServiceNew JobsInvestmentProject Type
Steam Logistics, LLCThird-party logistics400$11.2 millionExpansion
HomeServe USACustomer care center150n/aExpansion
West Star AviationAircraft maintenance100$17 millionExpansion
DEVNET, Inc.Government software services20n/aNew
Hudson MaterialsManufacturer & distributor asphalt15$10 millionExpansion

Other Chattanooga Climbs Activities (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)

Watch as Steam’s Director of Culture + Brand Experience, Malcolm Harris, describes his love for the city, what an easy sell Chattanooga is to new recruits, and how Steam’s downtown expansion will propel the company forward.

Talent Development

This year the Economic Development Team expanded its focus to add Talent Development to our scope of work. Viewing Talent Development through a lens of economic growth for Chattanooga, we invested in projects that prepare students for high quality jobs, develop skills for the new economy, and increase regional prosperity for all community members.

200 Employers Participating in Future Ready Institutes
250 Employers Participating in Apprenticeship, Work-Based Learning and Internships
28 Branded Future Ready Institutes
500 Registered Apprentices

Through intentional collaboration with Chattanooga State Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, and the Association of General Contractors, Hamilton County Schools is launching the Construction Career Center in the Avondale community. Students attending the school will earn post-secondary credits and gain experience working in the field, preparing them for high quality jobs in the construction industry.

Local leaders celebrate the groundbreaking of the Construction Career Center.

Future Ready Institutes continue to be a high priority and we were thrilled to announce NOVONIX’s commitment to Hamilton County Schools with the creation of the Institute of Advanced Battery Technology. Partnerships like this are critical as we work to prepare students for the economy of tomorrow. Listen as Danny Deas, NOVONIX President of Anode Materials describes how Future Ready Institutes help build a skilled and technical workforce, below. 

Talent Website: Chattanooga Calling Broadens Scope

As we continue our recovery from the pandemic, we’ve expanded the resources available on to include an employer toolkit and information for individuals interested in developing skills that will allow them to change directions in careers.


The INCubator, housed at the Hamilton County Business Development Center, is experiencing an upsurge in successful new start-ups and boasts an astonishing 100% occupancy rate for manufacturing space and an 80% occupancy overall.

10 POC Founders in the INCubator
100 INCubator Clients
100 INCubator Graduates

The operation located on Chattanooga’s Northshore, is home to 46 start-ups that provide over 250 jobs in these sectors:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Software and Technology
  • Outdoor Products
  • Creative Media
  • Service
  • Manufacturing

Graduates Continue to Grow, Adding Jobs in Hamilton County

The INCubator has been building business for 34+ years, with over 600 businesses graduating into the community, combining to add over 4,500 jobs. Branch Technology, one of the program’s most successful graduates, began their Chattanooga journey at the INCubator with just three employees and 5,000 square feet. Branch now employs 50+ workers, has grown to 50,000 square feet, and has plans to triple the facility size and increase employment.

One of the most recent graduates, Hoff & Pepper, started in the INCubator with two employees in 800 square feet. The small batch hot sauces that gave a spicy aroma to the INC’s hallways are now sold in thousands of retail locations across the country. Today, Hoff & Pepper and their 30 employees have moved out into the community and operate out of a 40,000 square foot building.

The INC added the following new clients in 2022:

  • Access Art Therapy
  • Archbound Media – digital marketing services
  • Dazu Creative
  • DesJaney – All Natural Soaps
  • K’s Tenn Cans
  • ENAK Industries – General Contractor
  • Fair Flies – Fishing Gear
  • Forget Me Not Candles
  • Fluff Media – animation and videography agency
  • Layerworks Solutions – 3D printing
  • Mountaintop Wealth- Financial Planning
  • Pulse Foods – protein snack company
  • Restorative Massage
  • ShoeTizer – medical sanitization company
  • STUBL – Hair Augmentation
  • Tachyon


Chattanooga Chamber Annual Report 2022