Leadership Chattanooga is a 10-month leadership development program that provides local, midcareer professionals with the opportunity to learn more about and engage with the community where they live and work. Leadership Chattanooga has been a launching pad for the careers and civic impacts of many prominent Chattanooga-area professionals. We’re here to share their stories and catch up on what’s happened since they completed the program.

Shawanna Kendrick, CEO and Founder for The H2O Life.

This month, Shawanna Kendrick, CEO and Founder at The H2O Life, shares her insights into the program and its effect on our community.

TREND: When did you graduate from Leadership Chattanooga? 

Kendrick: I’m a proud graduate of the Leadership Chattanooga Class of 2021, which happens to be the absolute BEST (COVID-graduating) class ever!

TREND: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?

Kendrick: I thoroughly enjoy singing, hiking, kayaking, and spending quality time with friends and family.

TREND: Name one way in which you have impacted our community in your space.

Kendrick: By nature, I am a helper. In every profession I’ve worked in and in every way possible, I’ve been a helper and supporter of people. Whether it’s guiding outdoor excursions, navigating the criminal justice system, connecting others with area experts, or simply knowledge-sharing; assisting those looking to excel and/or succeed is built into my DNA.

TREND: What drew you to the Leadership Chattanooga program when you applied?

Kendrick: I was excited about learning more about the inner-workings of our local governing bodies. As well, I was very much looking forward to making additional connections, both personal and professional.

TREND: How has your career been impacted by the LC program?

Kendrick: As a result of my participation in Leadership Chattanooga, I’ve been able to connect with more amazingly talented professionals, both in the Chattanooga region and beyond.

TREND: As a highly successful contributor to the Chattanooga community, what practices would you say you have followed that have been core to helping you achieve?

Kendrick: My most important practice is remembering to always stay true to my core beliefs, values, and mission in life. I also truly believe it’s imperative that we remind ourselves, life is a journey and we’re all learning as we go.

TREND: What advice would you give someone who is looking for ways to become more connected to the Chattanooga community?

Kendrick: Start with Leadership Chattanooga! It is a game changer. If not, get out there – fear and all – and get to know the people with whom you share this amazing community.

Established in 1984 and offered by the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation, Leadership Chattanooga helps area employers to retain top talent by providing comprehensive leadership training through experiential learning, community service, networking and exclusive interaction with key community leaders

Nominations for Leadership Chattanooga‘s Class of 2023-2024 are now being accepted through March 20, here.