The newest class of young professional leaders has been established, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce announced. Welcome to the Protege Chattanooga class of 24-25.

“This Protege class will change the world,” said Toya Moore, Leadership Development Director. “We were thrilled at the experience, devotion and commitment to service embodied in all our applicants, especially these new Protege participants.”

Protege Chattanooga is a nine-month program that connects emerging leaders with peers and established regional community and business leaders to develop and strengthen business and civic-engagement potential, as well as soft skills, professional connections and personal growth.

“Protege Chattanooga is what we call a team-based mentoring program,” said Moore. “Every month, we meet with an established leader here in the city.”

Corporate leaders. Nonprofit leaders. Civic and government leaders as well as entrepreneurs.

“People who are demonstrating leadership in whatever industry they are in and also by serving Chattanooga,” said Moore. “They have a vested interest in giving back to leaders who are coming up through the ranks.”

Protege participants meet twice a month. A maximum of 24 proteges – all between the ages of 21 and 40 – were selected through a competitive process of evaluation:

Sincere dedication, motivation, and interest in civic engagement through a track record of volunteerism and/or community service;

Demonstrated ability and commitment to collaborate within/across the two cohorts; 

Recognized potential for career advancement

Alignment with community diversity through representation of various socioeconomic sectors, professions/expertise, perspectives, ages, cultural or ethnic backgrounds, and Hamilton County geographies.

Congratulate the Protégé Chattanooga Class of 24-25