Brickyard headquarters combines top office amenities like private meeting booths, iMacs and 10-Gig internet with health and wellness facilities like a fully-equipped gym, sauna and a cold plunge tub.

Launched by five veteran entrepreneurs, including Bellhop founders Cam Doody and Matt Patterson. Brickyard’s entrepreneurs are invited to utilize this space and leave everything else behind in favor of intensity-of-focus on starting and growing a company.

Brickyard co-founder, Doody, recently appeared in a two-part series with Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership to speak about how this one-of-a-kind venture capital fund drives Chattanooga’s startup spirit.

First, Doody shares why the venture capital company chose to launch in the Scenic City and how Brickyard’s approach draws startups to Chattanooga:

Then, Doody offers a deeper dive into how Brickyard leverages its facilities to set founders up for success:

Learn more about Brickyard, here.

Learn more about the Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership, here.

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