Velocity 2040


Creating a vision for the year 2040 for Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

Your Voice is Our Future. Make Your Dream a Community.

It’s the year 2040. Is the Chattanooga and Hamilton County area a place where you, your friends, and your family want to live? To make a plan for our entire community, we needed to hear everyone’s voice. We needed a vision created by the people who will live in that future. So we started by bringing together some of the brightest minds in our community for a series of workshops. Then we went out into the neighborhoods with a survey. We asked you what challenges you thought that we, as a community, needed to tackle over the next twenty years. Your response was overwhelming.

Your Voice is Important.

More than 5,000 of you took the survey. You told us about your hopes and dreams for our community’s future and you set the priorities for our plan. We took the ideas shared in that survey and put together the Velocity 2040 report that you can read right here on this website. You can also view the results from our survey and see what your fellow Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents felt was important.

Taking Your Dreams and Making a Community.

Now, we’re working with community groups and businesses to create a plan for the future. We’re figuring out the next steps needed to make your dreams a reality. After all, the five focus areas below were chosen by you, the people who live, work and play in our community. We’re asking you to be a part of the process by getting involved with one of the organizations spearheading efforts in these five areas. Together, we will work to make Chattanooga and Hamilton County a place we are proud to call home—a place where we all succeed together.