As part of our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within Chattanooga’s business community, the Chattanooga Chamber’s Department of Diversity & Inclusive Growth proudly presents the Business Literacy Series. This comprehensive eight-month program serves as a cornerstone for empowering minority and women-owned businesses, equipping them with essential knowledge and best practices in banking, marketing, human resources, and effective communication.   

The Business Literacy Series kicked off in January with a welcome reception that provided an inclusive atmosphere for participants to engage, connect, and build a supportive network.  

“It’s more than knowledge. It’s about building a thriving community for diverse businesses,” said Darian Scott, the Chamber’s Director of Diversity & Inclusive Growth. “This series equips entrepreneurs with skills and connections for lasting success — shaping a future where every business can flourish.”  

To ensure the program’s relevance to each participant, applicants complete a comprehensive business questionnaire. This information guides the customization of the program to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each business. Then, participants engage in one-on-one, in-person meetings designed to delve into the overall health of their business, providing tailored insights and recommendations.   

A rigorous evaluation process follows these personalized sessions, determining eligibility for the program. Selected participants progress to the eight class sessions, each focusing on a vital aspect of business growth and success.   

“Starting a business can be a rewarding and exciting venture. But, along the way, financial and other challenges may emerge,” said Bethany Grant, Lead Facilitator for the Series. “These business literacy courses will help entrepreneurs overcome these obstacles and reach long-term success.”   

The class sessions cover a wide range of topics, from developing strategic business plans and understanding small business banking services to demystifying financial statements and exploring avenues for obtaining and using credit effectively. The series also includes sessions on developing a robust marketing strategy, mastering the art of pitching a business, and foundational human resource training.   

The Chattanooga Chamber’s Business Literacy Series equips participants with the tools and insights to thrive in the diverse business landscape. By supporting the growth and success of minority and women-owned businesses, the Chattanooga Chamber reaffirms its dedication to building a vibrant and inclusive business community for the future.   

We invite prospective sponsors to connect with us to explore ways they can contribute to empowering minority and women-owned businesses through this impactful initiative. Your support will make a positive impact on participating businesses while contributing to the overall growth and diversity of the Chattanooga business community.   

For sponsorship opportunities and further information on supporting the Business Literacy Series, please contact: Darian Scott, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, Department of Diversity & Inclusive Growth: [email protected]