Tate Sutter and Will Reynolds are building a remarkable new business that’s able to build remarkable new products for you.  

Bring them design ideas and they’ll turn them into reality. Furniture design? An architectural project? That gizmo you keep sketching out? Homeowners, business owners, interior designers, architects — think of all the possibilities.  

“Everyone has had an idea for a product or gadget that could make life easier or more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to create a proof of concept or take an idea all the way to market, BEST is equipped to help bring your vision to life,” Reynolds said.   

Sutter and Reynolds are the creators of BEST Studio & Workshop, a digital fabrication shop/studio for the 21st century. Think idea design and creativity paired with 3D printing, computer-numerical-control (CNC) machinery and lasers.  

“Digital fabrication involves using computer-aided design and automated machinery to create physical objects,” Reynolds said. “These machines help us make very accurate parts.” 

Reynolds and Sutter met in Atlanta around a shared vision for a design studio. Today, they work inside the North Shore’s INCubator, the business incubator lab managed by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.  

The INCubator is the largest business incubator in Tennessee and third largest in the nation. As one of INC’s current clients, BEST Studio & Workshop occupies part of the Hamilton County Business Development Center’s 127,000-square-foot entrepreneurial and startup workspace. 

INC clients can participate in a three-year development program combining start-up strategy and entrepreneurial community. INC generously provides clients with an abundance of resources: administrative services, manufacturing and office space, training and workshops and access to a state-of-the-art Technology Conference Center.  

“This is our first business, so we wanted to do it well. And I knew that this was the place to do that,” Reynolds said.  

Research shows INC clients and graduates contributed more than $70 million of regional economic impact in the calendar year 2022.  

At this time, the INC has four openings: two for office space and two for manufacturing. 

“In addition to all the resources this program offers, we wanted to be with other entrepreneurs,” Reynolds said. “The camaraderie in this building is really a special thing.” 

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