The Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership (GCEP) represents the 16-county, three-state region surrounding Chattanooga – the manufacturing magnet of the South and a burgeoning technology and entrepreneurial hub.

Access to a highly developed logistics infrastructure including the world’s fastest internet speeds, a deep pool of talent, abundant fresh water and low-cost, reliable utilities are a few of the many assets that make our 16-county, three-state region the best place to build a business.

Recently, GCEP launched a video series that showcases the unique attributes of each county and the innovative companies that call them home. The video series aims to promote economic growth and development in the region by highlighting the strengths and opportunities of each community while encouraging collaboration and investment. The series features interviews with local business leaders, elected officials, and community members, as well as footage of the region’s natural beauty and thriving cultural scene. Through this initiative, GCEP hopes to attract new businesses and talent to the area, while also supporting the growth and success of existing ones.

First, John Bamber, executive director of Rhea County & Tourism Council shares some of Rhea County’s recent wins including Nokian Tyres and La-Z-Boy.

Watch the full video, below.

Then, Randy Miller, senior production manager at La-Z-Boy talks about how the company leverages its amenities and Green Star partnership to meet its sustainability goals.

Watch the full video, below.

Learn more about GCEP, here.

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