On March 2, 2024, the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport marked a significant milestone to celebrate the completion of its $28 million expansion.  

For those acquainted with the Chattanooga airport, many remember its compact and intimate layout. Waving off your loved ones also came with watching them from the top of the escalator as they went through security and to their gates, all of which were close by. 

However, Chattanooga Airport’s 26,000 square-foot expansion means not only more convenience and less wait time for passengers, but a significant enhancement for both the local community and the broader nation’s accessibility to Chattanooga through more flights.  

Adam Myers, the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President of Economic and Talent Development, highlighted the strategic benefits of this development and its alignment with the Chamber’s goals. 

“When we went through our strategic planning process for the next five years, community stakeholders and business leaders expressed a strong desire for more direct flights to help their business and attract talent to the market,” Myers said. “The expansion will allow the region to attract new direct air service and address domestic and international connectivity as we work to attract and expand existing businesses in Chattanooga.” 

As Chattanooga continues to bring in startups and businesses from across the globe, the improved air service will significantly enhance the region’s connectivity to business travelers, new ventures and markets.  

The increased accessibility will also champion local entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and tap into new opportunities. 

“After partnering with the airport this past fall for an air service development summit, the Chamber will continue to regularly promote the region to airline executives,” Myers said.  

As of now, the Chattanooga Airport is hoping to add New York City’s LaGuardia and Denver as well as increase traffic to Miami

“The Chamber is working closely with the airport to align future business recruitment missions to target markets where we announce new direct flights,” Myers said.  

The airport’s expansion will shape industries across the board. From providing corporate operations with convenient travel options to attracting tourism from new markets and initiating talent attraction, Chattanooga Airport’s growth is expected to drive economic opportunities and prosperity for the region.  

“The airport’s expansion will help our talent attraction efforts by opening the door for talent from new markets to discover the opportunities Chattanooga can provide them,” Myers said.