New rebates from the EPB and TVA EnergyRight® Home Energy Rebate program can help EPB customers save thousands of dollars on home energy improvements, like new HVAC units, windows, water heaters, insulation, ductwork and more. The program helps customers reduce monthly energy bills, make homes more comfortable and create a healthier environment through better air quality. TVA is investing $1.5 billion in the program, which is available through 2027.

As our community’s energy experts, EPB Energy ProsSM serve as guides through the process to help customers assess which home improvements will offer them the best cost-benefit for energy savings. EPB Energy Pros will also complete Quality Assurance Checkups after contractors complete work to ensure home improvements will maximize energy and cost-savings for customers. 

“Reducing energy usage at home is the most effective way to lower monthly bills,” said Director Residential Energy and Environmental Solutions Elizabeth Hammitt. “The EPB and TVA EnergyRight Home Energy Rebate program helps customers save money twice – first by applying rebates to the upgrades they make at home, and second by enjoying the energy savings that come with them for years to come.” 

How to Qualify

Customers can use more than one upgrade at a time, providing even more savings on their investment. For example, customers who install qualifying HVAC systems are also eligible for duct insulation and repairs. Comprehensive improvements also maximize ongoing savings on monthly bills.

  1. Visit to decide what improvements customer homes need and see how much they can save. EPB Energy Pros are available for a no-charge consultation to visit customer homes and review opportunities to improve energy usage.
  2. Contractors will complete the work, following program requirements. (Note: owners of existing homes must select contractors listed in the Quality Contractor Network at to make improvements.)
  3. Contractors will submit all required documentation on behalf of customers. Upon completion, participating homeowners will receive an email to collect their rebate.

“We recommend customers start by visiting then schedule a call with our EPB Energy Pros to ensure they follow the procedure and get the most money back for their investment,” said EPB Senior Supervisor Energy Services John Watts. “As with all EPB Energy Pros services, these consultations are available at no charge to customers.” 

Existing Homes

EPB customers making improvements to existing homes must use select contractors listed at to complete work to qualify for rebates and ensure they benefit from high quality home energy upgrades that will save money on energy bills going forward.

Do-it-Yourself projects and work completed by contractors not listed at will not be eligible for rebates.

New Construction

EPB customers building new homes will work directly with their builder to decide what energy efficient appliances and supplies to use so they can take advantage of incentives. 

While new construction jobs do not have to use an EPB-approved contractor, they can maximize savings through EPB Smart BuildTM, which provides expertise and resources to ensure newly build homes are Smart Build-certified for greater energy efficiency and fiber ready for advanced communications technology.  

Resources for All Customers

EPB Energy Pros provide free home energy advice and resources to customers to help improve efficiency through in-person or phone consultations regardless of whether they’re interested in rebates:

As our community’s energy experts, EPB Energy Pros can offer expertise on a wide range of efficiency topics to residential customers:

Visit to view videos and tips, schedule a free Home Energy Checkup or have a 30-Minute Call with a Pro.