The Hamilton County Health Department will participate in the statewide “Fight Flu TN” initiative by offering free flu shots to anyone six months and older. This event will take place on Wednesday, November 1st, at multiple locations throughout Hamilton County. 


Locations- Adults Only

Locations- Adults and Children– All Health Department sites are open 8:00-4:00

*If a minor is being vaccinated, a parent or legal guardian must be present at the appointment and bring a current, valid photo ID. If you are a legal guardian, please bring guardianship proof. *

“Getting a flu shot is the easiest way to help prevent the flu and keep ourselves and those around us healthy. Flu vaccines are safe, effective, and protect against the most common types of flu circulating, so I urge everyone eligible to receive a flu shot before the winter months,” says Hamilton County Health Department Health Officer Dr. Stephen C. Miller. “We also want to thank our community partners La Paz, Partnership for Families, Super Carniceria Loa, and Boynton Terrace for hosting this year and helping support this health initiative.”

Per the CDC, those at the highest risk of severe complications from the flu include children under five years, adults 65 years and over, pregnant women, and those with preexisting medical conditions or a compromised immune system.  

 In addition to the “Fight Flu TN” event, flu shots are widely available at primary care offices, local pharmacies, and with participating community partners. To find a flu shot near you, please visit   

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