EPB Quantum NetworkSM powered by Qubitekk today announced that it will host Qunnect, a leader in quantum-secure networking technology, for a series of on-site collaborative validation runs. Qunnect will work with Qubitekk to utilize EPB Quantum Network to determine the interoperability of key quantum technologies across a quantum network. This demonstration will mark the first time two commercial quantum networking companies have operated their hardware to jointly support a distribution protocol.

“It’s especially appropriate for us to have the opportunity to work with Qunnect as our first customer because together we’re demonstrating the collaborative spirit that’s necessary to accelerate the development of quantum technologies into commercial application,” said EPB President and CEO David Wade. “By working with pioneering companies like Qunnect, we’re positioning Chattanooga as a destination for quantum developers to run, develop and validate their equipment and applications.”

EPB Quantum Network and Qunnect’s GothamQ are among the first commercially available quantum networks in the U.S. Most quantum networks today are privately owned and operated, limiting access to developers to run their technologies. EPB Quantum Network and Qunnect have the same goal of hosting networks open to companies to advance quantum technologies out of the lab and into the real world. 

“EPB and Qunnect share the vision of building quantum networks that can enable the foundation of the quantum internet and foster solutions possible through quantum technology development,” said Qunnect CEO Noel Goddard. “Running our equipment on EPB Quantum Network is a unique opportunity to demonstrate interoperability between quantum component providers on a dedicated commercial network infrastructure.” 

Until recently most quantum technology development has focused on research and not practical application. EPB Quantum Network and Qunnect are both committed to accelerating the commercialization of quantum technologies to support the development of deployable networks. 

Qunnect’s hardware drives GothamQ, a 50-kilometer network in New York, with two branches each capable of supporting six entanglement nodes that connect the company’s R&D facility in Brooklyn to Queens and Manhattan. 

EPB Quantum Network’s 8-kilometer loop has capacity for 10 quantum interconnected user nodes across downtown Chattanooga using commercial network equipment designed and manufactured by Qubitekk

“This demonstration is a great representation of how the quantum industry can play a leading role in driving quantum technology from the lab to practical commercial application,” said Qubitekk President, CTO and Co-Founder Dr. Duncan Earl. “We’re excited to work with the talented teams at Qunnect and EPB to do just that.”