Q1: What about other under-represented groups? How does this effort work within our community’s broader commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion?

In addition to powering the CEO Pledge for Racial Equity, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce continues to focus on the broad scope of diversity — across gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other identities — and anticipates our business community will as well.


Q2: When signing on the CEO Pledge for Racial Equity, am I committing my company to following EVERY effort of the pledge?

No, not necessarily. We understand that each organization must take an approach that fits with their own priorities and capabilities for the year. That said, we are encouraging each company to act on as many items in the playbook as possible for maximum collective impact.


Q3: If my company operates nationally or globally, is there a requirement that these actions be implemented across our full operations (ie. in other states, other countries, etc.)?

No, the CEO Pledge for Racial Equity is committed to implementing positive change in the Chattanooga region.


Q4: What if my company is already implementing some or all of the action plans?

This is wonderful to hear and we appreciate you setting a great example. The plan is designed so that a majority of our business community can participate.

Q5: Is it more valuable if my CEO or Managing Director signs the initiative?

All leadership commitment is important and while your signature is most valued and appreciated, part of the purpose behind this initiative was to reach top leadership. When your company’s commitment to CEO for Racial Equity comes with a personal and professional commitment from senior leadership that can make a world of difference.