The city is seeking additional public comment on the preferred option and an alternate.

The Chattanooga Planning Department and Department of Public Works presented its preferred option and an alternative for a permanent traffic reconfiguration on Frazier Avenue Thursday. The City of Chattanooga is now welcoming public input on the prepared options at The public comment period will end on Friday, March 15.

Option A, the city’s preferred option, increases pedestrian safety and access to parking while providing a safe and scenic bike route on River Street, allowing cyclists to travel through Coolidge Park. Option B also increases pedestrian safety and improves bicycle conditions with a dedicated two-way bike lane on Frazier Avenue, but with a reduction to on-street parking.   

At the end of the public input period, the City will unveil a final reconfiguration plan on Friday, March 29.

“Doing nothing on Frazier Avenue has never been an option. It has become abundantly clear that a change to the traffic pattern on this critical street was in the best interest of public safety and the health of our small businesses in North Chattanooga,” said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. “Thank you to our experts in Planning and Public Works, Vice Chairwoman Jenny Hill, and our partners at the Northshore Merchants Collective for working with us on data-driven, people-oriented proposals that would directly address the concerns on this street.”

“Chattanoogans love Frazier Avenue, and whether people live adjacent to the area or visit Coolidge Park from other neighborhoods, everyone agrees that they want to feel safe as they move about the area. With the necessary safety measures in place, Frazier Avenue can become an example for the whole city of how Chattanooga can implement common sense multimodal transportation infrastructure,” said Chattanooga City Council Vice Chairwoman Jenny Hill. “I want to thank the neighborhood associations and community members who put this issue at the forefront with public safety and pedestrian mobility top-of-mind. I would also like to thank the Planning Department, Department of Public Works, and the administration for working diligently on a set of proposals that directly address those safety concerns.”

Preferred Option (Option A): Increased protection for pedestrians, increased parking, and a park-focused bike route.


Alternative Option (Option B:) Reduced parking and a two-way protected bike lane on Frazier Avenue.