As the Chattanooga Selfie Museum celebrates one year in business this month, its fun culture is still encouraging Chattanoogans and visitors to unleash their most creative self. The Selfie Museum houses a variety of photo and selfie experiences, with unique backdrops and rooms to explore.   

TREND recently met with Museum owner Mikesha Lacy, exploring what she’s learned since opening a year ago and how she’s seen her business grow in the Scenic City.  

Lacy’s vision for the Selfie Museum was to offer a space that allows people to discover themselves, to have a memorable experience in interesting settings that stimulate their own creative instincts, as well as to offer a different spin on Chattanooga visitor attractions. Lacy had observed the thickness of Chattanooga’s creative economy and launched her own business out of a desire to build upon and contribute to this important aspect of the local business culture and offer another distinct outlet for ideation.  

Over this past year she’s kept a few flagship selfie rooms in the Museum while also changing some others out to reflect current trends as well as incorporate some cool customer suggestions. 

Key to entrepreneurship in Chattanooga is to “be present” in the business community, according to Lacy. She says this is one of the most important lessons for startups to heed, and because of this commitment to gathering ongoing feedback and engagement in her business concept, Lacy continues to grow local interest in the Selfie Museum. 

One of her main business goals is to design the Museum’s atmosphere in such a way that it draws demographic diversity, a space for everyone to tap into their inner artist. Among Lacy’s favorite client experiences are observing young students using the Museum to help build up their confidence while also having fun with friends in a safe, comfortable setting. Group experiences range from as large as 60-70 people for special events, or as small as two friends just out for the afternoon.  

Lacy’s a believer in community unity and working alongside other local businesses, and she invites other area business proprietors to follow this example: 

“If I could give the most valuable advice to anyone who’s out there opening their own business, it’d be to seek out partnerships. People want to support small businesses. Working with our corporations and larger companies, learning from that customer base or their clients, has been really helpful. Chattanooga loves partnerships, and some of our local small business owners don’t capitalize on those relationships quite enough,” she says. 

If you’re looking to host a private event or find a unique and different way to spotlight your company, the Chattanooga Selfie Museum hosts parties and can offer custom-designed photo rooms for company brands. Bookings are also currently open for the Museum’s mobile selfie trailer. 

For more information, contact Mikesha Lacy