Work Extends Service Life of Tanks in System

Commuters traveling on Riverside Drive pass the Chattanooga plant of Tennessee American Water and may have noticed ongoing work on one of our water tanks. The tank rehabilitation program extends the tank’s service life and helps with water quality.

Since spring, the water tank has been undergoing rehabilitation, which consists of draining any water, sandblasting, performing structural repairs if needed, and repainting.  During the sandblasting phase, a containment cover was used to contain and reduce debris, and now, the painting and structural repair phase is underway. 

“Like taking good care of a home, regular upkeep of our water tanks is necessary to efficiently manage the water system assets and keep costs down,” said Director of Engineering Grady Stout. “The renewal work also helps in the delivery of safe, clean, reliable water.” 

Since 2016, Tennessee American Water has completed 12 tank rehabilitations to-date.  A second tank at the Chattanooga plant and two tanks on Lookout Mountain, TN, are also being rehabilitated in 2023.  Altogether, the water company has 25 water tanks serving residents in the Chattanooga region and eight tanks serving the Sequatchie Valley.  Tank rehabilitation costs range from $300,000 up to two million dollars and are part of Tennessee American Water’s annual capital work.  Visit Tennessee American Water’s infrastructure story map to see before and after photos of a Ryall Springs tank rehabilitation in East Brainerd that was completed in 2021.