Funded through American Water Charitable Foundation Grant

As the school year kicks off, Whitwell High School students will be able to utilize new water-bottle filling stations to stay hydrated during the school day.  Through a $10,000 grant from the American Water Charitable Foundation, Tennessee American Water has provided funding to replace outdated water fountains.  The new ones not only function as a water fountain but also dispense water to easily fill reusable water bottles.  

“We are excited to provide convenient access to safe, clean tap water on the go in an environmentally sustainable way,” said Grant Evitts, President of Tennessee American Water. “We’re also pleased to support the focus on health by emphasizing the importance of drinking water.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, convenient access to drinking water for students is important to improve memory and attention and contributes to overall health.

“We are grateful to Tennessee American Water for getting the water-bottle filling stations for our school,” said Teena Casseday, Whitwell High School principal. “Getting in the habit of drinking water regularly helps with academic success and the addition of these new fountains make it easy for students to stay hydrated.”