One Chattanooga budget includes promised funding for public safety, roads and bridges, affordable housing and new parks, while optimizing city service delivery and performance, and prioritizing essential workers

Chattanooga City Council today unanimously approved Mayor Tim Kelly’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget to advance the city’s One Chattanooga priorities and allocate resources to the things that are most important to Chattanoogans – from public safety and affordable housing, to investments in our roads, bridges, and parks – without increasing taxes.

“Last year we set a course to implement the One Chattanooga plan, and when you look at some of the key metrics — from the nearly 50,000 potholes that have been filled or the 275 additional early learning seats in the works, to the more than 2,000 Chattanoogans who have been housed, or the countless workforce development initiatives and apprenticeship programs we’ve launched — it’s clear that our strategy is working and that momentum is on our side,” said Mayor Kelly. “With this year’s budget, we’re building on that momentum and doubling-down on the things that we know matter most to Chattanoogans.”

This budget continues Mayor Kelly’s first-term commitment to allocate $40 million to paving and adds an additional $3 million to revitalize parks and green spaces. The budget includes $3 million for affordable housing and homelessness prevention, building on the momentum of his record-breaking 40 percent reduction in unsheltered homelessness in 2022, according to the most recent point-in-time count. 

Beyond the capital projects, this budget enhances Kelly’s efforts to reform and optimize city government, including the rollout of a new cost savings incentive program that rewards employees for identifying opportunities to save taxpayer money. The budget also includes funding to support the more efficient and effective delivery of essential city services, including new physical assets such as refuse trucks, as well as through the use of new digital tools.

Importantly, this budget includes a historic investment into non-sworn city employees, creating a new step play plan — long one of employees’ most requested changes — that will help attract and retain high quality talent among the city’s frontline workforce.

The new budget – which covers July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024 – is available for the public to view here. City Council voted on the budget on first reading on June 13, with final approval taking place June 20.

Roads, Parks, and other Critical Infrastructure Investments

Public Safety

Affordable Housing and Homelessness Reduction

Effective and Efficient Local Government

New Pay Plan Investments to Support Essential Workers